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American Craft Beer

In 2012 was born the project American Craft beer, with whom F&G started his trip in the american craft breweries, selecting the best ones to propose the best beers from the New World.

At the end of 2012, after an intense research activity, F&G was in contact with 1200 companies and with them it started the agreement for the importation and distribution of different beers.

At the beginning, the F&G portfolio, that is continuously increasing, was composed by 7 brands, all distributed in bottles or in cans.

Today, the request is moving into kegs and draft products, so F&G is now focused on this importation

with special transports and storages. To ensure the authenticity and quality of the products, american

breweries demanded specific guarantees on the refrigeration chain.   The kegs, infact, can't have thermal shocks, when they arrive to destination they must be "ready to drink".

For these reasons F&G adopted reefer containers and a refrigerated warehouses to stock goods and to maintain a perfect cold chain.